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Hi, this is Leeann. This is a wiki that I've been using to collect information that I want to be able to easily find again. Mostly what I've collected here has been travel info and a bunch of different reminders to myself.

Recently, I was inspired by expectant parent friends to figure out how to share some parenting ideas that I've read about. So, now I'm also using this wiki to organize ideas on parenting.

The Acknowledging and validating wikipage is what I came up with to share the parenting ideas that I've found to be by far the easiest for me to implement. There's nothing like figuring out how to share things with other people for helping to get these things to sink in for me and have much more of an impact on my behavior. I kept finding myself writing about stuff and then finding myself talking to my parents or Peter and doing the exact opposite (of what I'd written) with how I was talking to them. It turns out that, although I've found these ideas to be easy to implement with kids, I didn't realize how much I stand to benefit from these ideas for talking to people in general.

Category:Parenting is where you can go to see all the wikipages that are on parenting ideas. Note that although these wikipages were written in the context of parenting, all the ideas in them also apply to interacting with people in general.